663 million people lack access to safe water. WHOLE WORLD Water is a campaign designed to unite the Hospitality and Tourism Industry on a non-competitive platform to eradicate this issue, with 100% of the funds raised through the sale of WHOLE WORLD Water invested in clean and safe water projects all over the world.

WHOLE WORLD Water is partnering Just a Drop on a three programme in Makueni County, Kenya, to bring clean and safe water to 12,000 people through sustainable sand dams, rock catchments and school water tanks and hygiene education.

The sand dam shown above - Ndethye Ngutethye - is full following the rains. As other seasonal rivers dry up, there will still be plenty of water available in this dam. Once the surface water has dried up, there will still be thousands of litres of water stored in the sand behind the dam wall, which can then be accessed via a hand pump.  The sand will naturally filter impurities from the water. This water is used by the community for drinking and importantly, to develop sustainable agriculture.