We work at a grassroots level to support communities around the world with access to sustainable safe water solutions, sanitation facilities and knowledge of safe hygiene practices.

Our sustainable projects provide support to communities, such as through the construction of hand-dug and drilled wells, pipelines, sand dams, rainwater harvesting systems and latrines, and hygiene and sanitation programmes. 

We have reached over 1.6 million people in 32 countries since we began in 1998.
Our project work is currently focused in Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia. 


Safe water, improved sanitation facilities and knowledge of safe hygiene practices leads to improved health, better education, secure food sources, improved rights for women, income generation and greater prosperity. It completely transforms lives. 

We work with communities and our local partners to implement water, sanitation and hygiene ('WASH') solutions which best suit a community's specific needs, and take into account local water availability, geography, infrastructure, economic conditions and culture.

Hang on - what's 'WASH'? 

'WASH' stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. All three areas together reduce illness, death and poverty, and lead to socio-economic development.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are all highly dependent on each other. Safe water is essential for life, and for good health. Without safe water, hygiene practices are not possible. Adequate sanitation together with good hygiene practices are necessary to keep water clean and uncontaminated. Just a Drop is a WASH organisation, as our work focuses on the three areas of water, sanitation and hygiene. We aim to ensure all three are present in the projects we implement.


Just a Drop is growing... We are developing our holistic approach to further support communities in a range of activities such as food security, income generation and menstrual hygiene management.