Just a Drop brings sustainable safe water,
sanitation and hygiene projects to communities,
transforming lives.

Why Water

844 million people globally don’t have access to safe water. Drinking dirty water makes people ill. That’s just part of the picture... A lack of safe water and sanitation holds back development and makes it harder for communities to escape the poverty trap. Just £5 can transform a life with safe water today.

Our Projects

Are community-owned, sustainable, and monitored for years after completion. This ensures they make a real, transformative impact to the lives of communities for decades to come. So far we have reached over 1.5 million people with safe water and sanitation.

Get Involved!

Take on a marathon, hold a bake sale, give a monthly donation - there are so many ways you can get involved and join us in bringing clean, safe water to all.




  • The women making a difference in Nicaragua

    The roles played by women in society are increasingly visible. Pay parity, the ‘Me Too’ movement and recent high-profile sporting events including the Women's World Cup, and Netball World Cup, are all helping to champion women’s causes and raise awareness of key issues faced by women in society. In some parts of the world, where basic needs are often still being met, women are making themselves heard in different ways. Read more

  • Solving India's Sanitation Conundrum

    India is aiming to become an open defecation free country by October 2019. Although the Indian Government is building toilets on a massive scale, the numbers don’t match the reality – toilets simply remain unused. Properly designed and constructed toilets with washrooms for women, together with the essential component of education around sanitation and hygiene practices, are key to making India an open defecation free country, says Jim Baldwin, Just a Drop’s Project Engineer for India Read more

  • Spring Highlights

    We're pleased to share the news that we have completed our 300th project in Montegrande, Nicaragua! Thanks to your generous support, this spring we've been busy working with communities from Cambodia to Zambia to provide access to safe water and sanitation. Here are our spring highlights! Read more

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