Radisson Hotel Groupis focused on water stewardship as part of its Responsible Business programme. The group drives water stewardship projects to conserve and protect the earth’s priceless water supply and supports local communities by providing safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene through various WASH initiatives.


Radisson Hotel Group has partnered with Just a Drop to help give children around the world access to safe drinking water through the towel re-use programme. Guests are asked to reuse their towels and forego housekeeping. For every towel reused, Radisson Hotel Group make a donation to Just a Drop.

Over 24,000 people across Just a Drop projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru and India now have access to safe water thanks to this initiative.

Radisson Hotel Group and their teams across the world have also helped raise a significant amount for Just a Drop projects through a variety of activities, such as sponsored 'walks for water', cake sales, superhero runs and challenge events.

In May 2017, Radisson Hotel Group won the IMEX-GMIC Innovation in Sustainability Award, in recognition that Radisson is genuinely transforming lives.

Ndethye Ngutethye Self Help Group, Kenya

The Ndethye Ngutethye Self Help Group in Makueni County, Kenya, have benefited from Radisson Hotel Group's support. A sand dam has been constructed which has brought a supply of clean, safe water to the community. People are now healthier and happier, and thanks to the vast volume of water stored by a sand dam, have enough water to grow crops, which provide a stable food source. As part of the project, the Ndethye Ngutethye Self Help Group received agricultural training, were provided with seeds, and learnt how to terrace the land and grow drought-resistant crops and vegetables. The sand dam is having a transformative impact on the lives of the whole community.

I learnt about preparation of a kitchen garden, I found it a noble idea and so I established my own and planted kale, tomatoes and onions. Through these vegetables, I have generated income and food for my family - Philip, 59

We have really seen a big change. There’s a significantly big difference in terms of yields compared to the previous seasons. All this happened because we were first equipped with the knowledge and later supplied with the best quality seeds to plant in our farms - Kamwela, 7

Having clean water at school will improve my school performance and stop me from getting ill. It will also improve the reputation of my school as all my friends will do better too - Grace, 17