For every £1 you donate:

76p is spent on our safe water and sanitation projects

23p is spent on fundraising and administration

1p is spent on governance

We reached 247,264 people with life transforming safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects in 2018/2019, thanks to your support. 

Financials 2018/2019


During the financial year 2018/19 our income was £778,940.

Our income comes from the following sources:

- Corporates: 409,369 (53%)

- Voluntary: 210,885 (27%)

- Trusts: 86,605 (11%)

- Events: 72,029 (9%)


During 2018/19 our expenditure was £798,069.

We spent 76% of this figure, £603,066, bringing communities safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects. Of the rest, we spent 1% on governance and the rest on administration and fundraising.


Just a Drop's restricted reserves must be spent on our safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects. These are £142,701. Our unrestricted reserves are £99,364, and represent around 3-4 months' running costs. This amount can be spent on anything which isn’t project related, such as salaries. 

Annual Report

Read our annual report on the Charity Commission website here