Hydronair are producers of high-quality mugs, tumblers, and other custom drinkware products.

Hydronair was born out of a passion for preserving our planet and a realization of the pressing need to combat water scarcity. We are a dedicated team of innovators and water warriors, united by a common purpose: to secure a sustainable and abundant water future for all. We understand that we can't end the water crisis alone. However, we believe that everyone must collectively do their part. Our mission is to provide families living in extreme water deprivation with the simple right of access to safe water. Our mission is to prevent as many water, hygiene, and sanitation related deaths as possible. 

A contribution is made towards this mission with every sale. Together with Just a Drop, we aim to build wells and provide children with clean water in the most water-deprived areas of the world.

Hydronair will be supporting Just a Drop's water and sanitation work in Uganda. 19.4 million people in Uganda, 41% of the population, do not have access to safe water, while 79% of Ugandans do not have access to adequate sanitation. Projects like the one at Odiding Primary School in northern Uganda are working to change this.

At Odiding Primary School, Just a Drop drilled a borehole and installed an eight-stance latrine, providing 987 children at the school with access to safe water and sanitation.

Children can now learn in a safe and clean environment and can attend school regularly, boosting attendance rates, due to reduced sickness from unsafe water and improper sanitation facilities.

This is one of many similar projects which Just a Drop has already completed in Uganda to improve the safe water, sanitation, and hygiene situation in the country, and is exactly the type of work that Hydronair's donations will be supporting.