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Thanks to Euromonitor's generous support since 2015, we have completed 6 projects in India, Nicaragua and Uganda, often in very remote locations - support which changes people's lives

Hato Viejo, Nicaragua 

Previously, the community of Hato Viejo had a well and a gravity flow water system, however the spring for the water system had dried up, meaning that families walked to fetch water everyday. Each trip would take up to 2 hours each time and each family may make up to 5 trips per day.

Thanks to support from Euromonitor, all 70 families now have clean, safe water straight to their homes through the construction of a piped water system.

Every year it was getting harder and harder to find just a little water to drink. We had to go to a different well to get drinking water; we carried it on our heads, and it was difficult for me because my little girl was very small

- Aidee, mother of 2

Paravour, India

Euromonitor are currently supporting our work in Paravour, India to bring safe water and sanitation to 2,200 people, as well as conducting WASH training. 

Previously, the lack of clean and safe water meant the community resorted to using dirty water, with a
consequent increase in illness. 97% of the community practiced open defecation, which is a major sanitation issue leading to high levels of illness. The school latrines were not fit for purpose, they were constructed using leach pits, which don’t work and therefore they present a major health risk. There was also a clear lack of privacy, particularly for women and girls, as there is nowhere where they can wash and use the bathroom. these are all issues we are addressing through our project, thanks to the support of Euromonitor.

Read the interim project report here

(Above) Women are gathered for one of the WASH training session which Jim Baldwin, Project Engineer, joined them for.