Elman Wall, the multi-award winning professional services firm and leading specialist accountants to the travel industry are delighted to be partnering with Just a Drop to support this fabulous charity’s work in Uganda starting in summer 2019.

Elman Wall’s MD, Jonathan Wall, said: “Not only will the Elman Wall team be supporting and engaging in the project directly but by making Just A Drop our charity partner at our 2019 Travel Directors Summit, we will give them a platform to spread their message to 200 travel business owners and directors.” 


The firm is supporting Just a Drop's work at Saayi School in Uganda. At the moment, there is a serious issue with hygiene in the school, specifically the latrines, which are not fit for purpose. There is only one latrine for girls, boys and teachers, it is close to falling down and presents a real hazard to health – maggots are common. 

With the support of Elman Wall, this will change. Just a Drop is building a brand new 14 stanced latrine where 2 stances are for the teachers and 12 stances are divided between boys and girls. The latrines will be double faced, which has the advantage that the girls will use one side and the boys the other. Further, it will be built to such a design that it can be emptied, meaning it can be used for many years.

In addition to the latrines, we will also deliver a training programme to help the school community understand safe hygiene practices. If anything, with the current Corona Virus situation, this element of training is particularly important.

It has been seen that during their periods, girls  commonly miss school due to taboos and a lack of hygienic facilities. In the latrines, we will include a wash room for girls, to ensure privacy and dignity.