Engage with your customers and drive sales through customer-related marketing campaigns.

At Just a Drop we are champions of sustainability. Our projects genuinely transform lives and ensure that communities across the world are able to access water.

We have a powerful story to tell, and one that resonates with many people across the world. Showing your support for Just a Drop will allow your customers to become part of a bigger story that is having a positive impact on the world. 

By partnering with Just a Drop:

  • You'll be part of Just a Drop's positive local and national PR opportunities
  • You can drive customer footfall into your stores, or online engagement and data capture with innovative campaigns and strong story-led marketing
  • Strengthen your brand awareness and show your strong ethical and sustainable policies through tangible projects that are solely supported by your brand
  • Build trust and loyalty, and have a key point of differentiation
  • Have the chance to make a tangible difference to people all across the world by enabling them to have access to clean, safe water through your support

You'll have your very own Account Manager who will support you all the way by giving you all of the creative assets you need; from videos and photos of the project you are sponsoring, to updates and progress reports to bring your project alive for your customers. 

Here are just a few ways that you could support Just a Drop through the support of your customers:

Round Up Your Sales or Add a Donation to your Bookings

Rounding up your sales or adding a small donation onto your product is a really easy (and free) way of having a big impact! We can help you with implementing the technology involved and the communications that your customers receive.

We can work with you to shape the partnership and give you a specific project to support that your funds will be directed into.

With this project, it will be so easy for you to share updates and show your impact to your network. We’ll provide you with images and videos so you, your staff and your customers, know exactly what your business has been able to achieve.

Dedicate a Product to Safe, Clean Water!

By selling a dedicated Just a Drop product, you'll be able to quickly build up enough donations to have a huge impact across the world. 

Your customers will see your dedication to Just a Drop through the product, but will also see the impact that it is having - giving them a loyalty to your brand and helping them understand that part of a bigger story having a bigger impact!

Through our global partnerships, we enable customers to make a worldwide impact by providing safe, clean water to communities across the world. Here are a few examples of companies that are making this happen: