Barrhead Travel is the UK's leading independent travel company, with an array of awards. Founded in 1975, the Barrhead Travel Group has grown from a single high street shop to a travel giant with 900 employees across 61 outlets. Barrhead will be supporting Just a Drop by working together with its customers to encourage them to donate 50p per passenger when booking a holiday through its website or at one of its 61 branches across the UK. 

We have recently completed a project with their support at Songeni School in Kenya. This supported 133 students, 10 teachers and 3 support staff to have access to safe water and improved hygiene. A large rainwater harvesting tank of 104,000 litres was constructed, providing enough for the school's needs for drinking, cooking and cleaning year round. The tank has also been painted with hygiene messages to reinforce the WASH education that took place.

Read the final project report here

This training will bring a great change not only in our school and us pupils, but also in our homesteads. Diseases related to water and dirt will reduce because of the knowledge that we’ve gained today. We will train our parents on the importance of having a rubbish pit at home, handwashing with clean water and soap and water treatment, among other hygiene practices

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