BWT UK Limited is part of the Best Water Technology (BWT) Group, Europe’s leading water technology company.

With over 25 years of experience, the company leads the UK in water treatment technology and supplies safe, high quality water to domestic, business and commercial communities.

Both BWT and Just a Drop are committed to delivering the right kind of water to where it is needed, to finding long term solutions that deliver real benefits, and share a mutual passion in building relationships that stand the test of time.

BWT UK is supporting Just a Drop to construct a borehole well in the village of Kasosa in Zambia, which will bring safe water to the 250 people living there.

Currently villagers fetch water from an unprotected shallow well and nearby stream. The shallow well is unprotected and has a high level of bacteriological contamination. The water isn’t fit to drink, but with a lack of alternatives, it remains the main source of drinking water for the community.

Thanks to support from BWT, Just a Drop will drill a deep, closed borehole, with a hand pump to extract the safe water. The community will be trained in basic hand pump maintenance and repair, and in hygiene and sanitation education, to improve long-term health.

The project will completely transform the lives of the 250 people living in Kasosa.

Eve Ryall, Programmes Manager, and Peter Marsh, Project Engineer, visited the village in March this year to meet the community, to assess the need and discuss the project process with them to ensure they are fully behind it.