September marks a special month in many parents’ calendar – the return to school for the start of a new academic year!  We have survived the summer holidays, our children are another year older and so we send them off in their shiny new uniform to begin a new school term.

September is also the time of year when the Water for All committee is presented with the opportunity to select the projects we will support with the money raised through salary sacrifice and fundraising.  In our recent meeting with our partners Just a Drop we heard about three schools (in Kenya, Nicaragua and India) where children do not have access to proper sanitation facilities or clean water for drinking or handwashing. This results in children missing a lot of school due to widespread disease and illnesses, and teenage girls are especially impacted by the lack of proper sanitation in these schools.

We would love to raise funds to support one of these projects and so are appealing to employees in all Atlas Copco companies in the UK & Ireland to support our back to school campaign in September. 

What type of project will my donation support?

Recently, the employees at Atlas Copco