Thank you so much for attending World Travel Market this year! We hope that the exhibition went well for you! 

Just a Drop is the official charity of World Travel Market, and with the exhibition's support we have reached 1.8 million people globally with safe water and sanitation since we were launched at World Travel Market in 1998 by Fiona Jeffrey OBE, former WTM Chairman.

When you signed up to WTM this year, you ticked a box saying that you'd be interested in donating £20 to Just a Drop and now is your opportunity!

We are so grateful for your support, it makes a real difference to communities across the world. In fact, safe water changes everything. It improves health, education, women’s rights, leads to secure food sources, economic growth and brighter futures. It completely transforms lives, especially those of women and children.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, Just a Drop’s work has become even more critical - we've worked hard to support and protect communities across the world from the virus. We’ve provided hand washing facilities and soap to local markets to enable them to stay open so people can maintain livelihoods and buy food. Having purchased motorbikes our local teams have been visiting villages, towns and market places in order to raise more awareness and understanding of the dangers of Covid-19 and distributing educational leaflets. We still have more work to do, and your support means more to us than ever before!

What will your donation fund?

This year, the donations from WTM will support a menstrual hygiene programme in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the third poorest country in the Western hemisphere and the communities supported within this project have an average income of just $43 a month.

Information on menstrual hygiene is virtually non-existent in Nicaragua. The subject is taboo and there has been a consideration the subject is inappropriate to teach and discuss. ​​This creates a position where girls miss out on their education, they don’t attend school during their periods and drop out rates amongst girls are very high. ​

It means that the gender equality gap is widened, and leaves girls in menial jobs with little opportunity.

Thanks to you, by attending WTM and donating today, Just a Drop will work with 60 schools to train 120 teachers in menstrual hygiene management.

The teachers will take part in a series of workshops that will provide comprehensive teaching materials for teachers, covering all aspects on menstruation, for girls and boys. They will help the teachers to learn how to introduce the topic into their schools.

We'll also work with the schools to produce a Menstrual Hygiene brochure as a handy guide on the topic, and we'll build Hygiene Corners in each school classroom, strengthening personal hygiene practices in children and breaking down taboos around the subject.​​

The impact will be clear as soon as the project is finished:

  • Girls will stay in school for longer, getting a better education​
  • Greater respect and equality between girls and boys during puberty​Menstrual hygiene will be embedded into the curriculum, ensuring sustainable messages​
  • Taboos and myths will be broken down​
  • The quality of life of the children will improve, both in school and in their homes​

To find out more about Just a Drop and how you and your business can get involved, please email [email protected]