Just a Drop is an international development organisation, who provide sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygiene support to communities and people in need, changing lives. A S$1 donation to Just a Drop is included in the price of your voco filtered water.

All funds raised from voco Orchard Singapore's 'Water for All' initiative will be put towards supporting the village of Trapeang Svay in Cambodia. What's more, voco will be matching all donations, so your donation's impact will be doubled!*

The village lies in a rural area outside Siem Reap but does not benefit from the nearby tourism industry. Currently, the 254 person community lives in extreme poverty and does not have access to either safe water or sanitation. This leads to high levels of water-related disease in the community, which aside from the inherent danger of these diseases means that children can't attend school, women have to stay at home to care for the sick, and families have to spend large amounts of their limited incomes on medicines.

But, with your help, we're working to change this. With the money raised through Water for All, we have already started installing 25 biosand filters in the homes of families in Trapeang Svay. Biosand filters are ingenious yet simple solutions which
fit easily into people’s homes. Dirty water is poured in at the top onto a layer of sand which contains a bioagent. As the
water filters through, it is cleaned and extracted through a funnel into a container. It is then safe to drink and can
produce enough water for family needs every day.

On top of this, we are also currently installing 30 latrines. Prior to the project, there were no sanitation facilities and people were often forced to use nearby fields, at the risk of infecting the water supply and making it very difficult to maintain proper hygiene standards. To supplement this, we provide hygiene education to each household, so as to maintain healthy practices, as well as
village clean ups, bringing the whole community together to literally clean up the village.

Some of the impacts on the 254 people in Trapeang Svay will be:

  • Diseases reduce, due to improved access to safe water - making people are healthier
  • Improved hygiene practices lead to improved long-term health
  • Children’s attendance at school improve
  • There are reduced health costs
  • Sanitation is improved, improving the quality of life for the whole village
  • Women in particular benefit, as the burden of fetching water and caring for the sick reduces

With your help we can reach our target and help achieve safe water and sanitation in the homes of the people of Trapeang Svay. Speak to your host or visit the Just a Drop home page for more information!

*Up to a maximum value of US$5,000.