(Tap) Water for All is a special initiative aimed at the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry that enables your customers to turn the everyday act of drinking tap or bottled water into a positive social action, transforming lives all around the world.  

By asking your customers to contribute an optional donation of 50p per table when they order tap water or bottled water to their tables, your business could help Just a Drop to reach more communities across the world with safe water, whilst also shaping your own sustainable agenda. You can find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved here: https://www.justadrop.org/tap-water-for-all

One establishment that is taking part in the campaign is the Torridon Resort in Scotland. Set in 58 acres of parkland at the end of a magnificent sea loch, The Torridon has one of the most spectacular and idyllic locations in the country. The estate offers something for everyone and aims to deliver each guest with their own unforgettable experience.

We spoke to Head of Sustainability, Rosie Wilkins about the programme and why the Torridon had decided to get involved and she said,

Sustainability is one of the core values at The Torridon meaning that every decision we make aims to reduce the environmental impact of the resort. In line with this when we switched to borehole water and re-usable glass bottles at the resort with Eco Pure, they donated to Just a Drop on our behalf. This is how we came to find the charity. When we signed up to 'It Must Be Now' last year, we decided to support this charity as part of our Sustainable Development Goal number 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation. 

She continued, 

Using water sourced on site supports our sustainable development goals by allowing us to massively reduce the amount of glass bottles we use on site as they are refillable – Co2 and other pollution is also reduced through the removal of transportation of bulky glass bottles. Finally, the Water for all programme allows The Torridon to support our wider community through our involvement in just a drop.  

The team are proud to be involved in the initiative and often speak about this through our internal communication channels. It is also nice for them to see how much we are donating and the newsletters that Just a drop send out are full of information and easy to read. Alice who is the contact I have has been very helpful with setting this up and is always providing information or promotional resources. 

As well as demonstrating their commitment to the SDGs, The Torridon is committed being in harmony with nature, and 60% of their produce is nurtured or grown in The Torridon Farm and Kitchen Garden, so that they can strive to be as self-sufficient as possible.

To find out how your business can change the world please contact our Head of Fundraising and Communications, Brendan Hanlon: [email protected]