SDG 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

How Just a Drop contributes

As well as improving health, clean water, sanitation and hygiene free up time previously lost due to illness or walking to collect water. Children can spend more time in school, and adults have more time to spend on income generating activities. 

Through many of Just a Drop's projects we teach useful skills such as book-keeping, governance, and climate smart agricultural practices. These skills can increase earning potential and employability.

In Kenya, we work with communities to provide sustainable agriculture training and food security programmes alongside water solutions. With a stable source of water in the community, food security increases, as families can grow crops and sell the excess, leading to economic growth in the community.

As well as giving out income generating loans to women’s groups in Uganda, we are also setting up entrepreneur groups providing training to make soap and reusable sanitary pads alongside training in marketing and book-keeping.