SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

How Just a Drop contributes

Water, sanitation and hygiene are critical factors in improving attendance and performance in schools.

In many countries around the world, children have the responsibility of walking hours to collect water from the nearest source, meaning they miss time in school or are often too tired to focus in class. 

Malnourishment and diarrhoea caused by dirty water restricts children from their learning potential - or from attending school altogether.

Our safe water projects mean that children are healthier and no longer have to walk long distances to collect water. They spend more time in school and are better able to concentrate on their studies, receiving a better education.

Girls are often deterred from attending school because of a lack of access to safe sanitation facilities and safe places to manage menstrual hygiene. Just a Drop works with schools to build gender sensitive sanitation facilities and implement menstrual hygiene programmes, both of which support girls to stay in school and receive a better education.

Mercy, age 10, is one of thousands of children who has seen first-hand the benefits safe and reliable water brings to schools:

Having the water tank at the school makes me very happy because we will drink clean water from the tank and this will protect us from contracting water diseases. We will wash our hands with soap and clean water after visiting the latrines and before and after eating our meals here at school.