SDG 2:  End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

How Just a Drop contributes

Just a Drop works in areas often prone to severe drought, flooding and soil erosion. The unpredictability of rainfall leads to diminished agricultural productivity - with devastating effects for communities. Our projects provide a sustainable source of water all year round.

Reducing diarrhoea is key to improving nutrition, as 50% of malnutrition is attributable to repeated episodes of diarrhoea. Our clean safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects reduce diarrhoeal diseases in the communities we work with.

In Kenya we work directly with communities to improve nutrition and achieve sustainable food security. Alongside water solutions such as sand dams, which provide enough water for communities to irrigate crops, we provide sustainable climate-smart agricultural training in terracing, mixed cropping, cover crops, zero grazing, tree planting and seed banks. In Makueni County, for instance, we distributed a variety of drought-tolerant seeds for local farmers to plant, strengthening food security for the local community as well as economic security for the farmers.