SDG 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

How Just a Drop contributes

Water, sanitation and hygiene solutions can support greater resilience to climate change by strengthening water security in times of scarcity.

Water solutions designed to counter the impacts of climate change, coupled with education, can prepare communities and raise awareness of the impacts of climate change.

Just a Drop’s rainwater harvesting projects store and conserve water, which provides a buffer in times of water scarcity or drought caused by climate change.

Just a Drop projects in Kenya strengthen food security, for example by providing reliable sources of water and drought-resistant crop seeds, building resilience in those communities against the continued effects of climate change. In Cambodia projects are designed so that the latrines and wells are elevated to protect them in times of flooding. In India check dams are constructed as part of a wider watershed management intervention reducing water scarcity during times of drought.

Dominic Mwanzia, a farmer in Kenya:

My life has really improved since we embarked on the construction of sand dams. I am still awed by the milestones I have achieved thus far. Truly, water is very vital in our lives