Make a splash this World Water Day!

Get involved and make a difference this World Water Day, 22 March, by fundraising to support 400 children at Kithangaini Primary School in Kenya with access to life transforming safe water.

The situation..

Kithangaini Primary School is located in the arid area of Machakos County, Kenya. The low amount of rainfall in the area is a major challenge to the school, which needs over 600 litres of water each day for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Currently the school relies largely on water carried by the pupils each day from the River Thwake. However, this means that the pupils get to school late and are tired as a result, lowering their concentration in class and affecting their academic performance.

You can change this by fundraising for a rainwater harvesting tank for the school, which will provide enough water for cooking, drinking and washing. The pupils will be healthier, happier and will receive a better education as a result.

Hear from class seven pupil Kivuva, 14, and check out fundraising ideas you could try below...

We are not provided with drinking water at school, we are required to carry it from our homesteads which most of us fetch from the River Thwake, three kilometres away. The water from the river is not safe for drinking.

- Kivuva , aged 14 

Kithangaini Primary School, Machakos County

 Need some inspiration on what you can do to get fundraising?

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How a rainwater harvesting tank works...