For World Refill Day, we asked our partner Splosh, why they refill, if it is easier than recycling and what impact it has on the environment.

Millions of people around the world are choosing to refill and reuse and taking action to reduce plastic waste. Here at Splosh we aim for zero waste! Our mission is to find innovative ways to protect the environment – to find better ways of living and being. If we’re going to preserve our beautiful world for future generations, we need to act fast.

Every bottle we sell is refillable with our concentrated refill pouches, which means that our customers cut plastic waste by 95%. If they return the used refill pouches, we upcycle them into new products. This cuts plastic waste to zero, which is a huge win for the planet.

Plastic waste is disastrous, does that mean we get rid of plastic?

We all know that plastic waste is an environmental catastrophe - so is the solution to design out plastic? We have to recognise (perhaps controversially) that plastic is a great material. It makes our lives safe and our lifestyles possible. It is light, durable, strong and infinitely adaptable. Did you know that it requires significantly less energy to make plastic than cardboard? In fact, when taking into account the full production process of cardboard and paper, they create more greenhouse gases than plastic alternatives.

A key focus at Splosh is to minimise waste. We achieve this by giving pre-used plastic value - when we reprocess our pouches the plastics are not mixed and so they retain their colour. This means we can create new-looking plastic products that are in fact from reprocessed plastic - that's a world first! If used plastics have value then they won't be thrown away. This is the key to solving the plastic waste crisis. Refilling from a pouch is also convenient, and the high concentration of the refill cuts transportation space and minimises CO2 emissions. Returning used pouches for refilling and re-processing can be made easier than recycling - it’s quick, easy and with a subscription refill service you don’t even need to make that trip to the supermarket! Refilling is helping to minimise the plastic production and incineration of plastic which of course is a huge step in the right direction to positively impact climate change.

Splosh is helping create awareness of Just a Drop's transformative work by sharing our message with their customers.