Safe Water Changes Everything for Communities and their Farmers

Water insecurity doesn’t just mean not having water to drink. Your support also enables Just a Drop to help farmers sustain their livelihoods and put food on the table.

Just a Drop worked hand in hand with the Kilanga community in Kenya, to build a sand dam, which has brought safe sustainable water to the community all year round. But, before the sand dam was built, farmers were struggling to reliably grow crops during the non-rainy seasons. Water, and the lack of it, has profound implications for food.

As well as the water-related illnesses the community was suffering from due to dirty water, a lack of food increases the prevalence of malnutrition, adding further burdens to a community already struggling. Further, being unable to grow crops due to lack of water also decreases the community’s self-sufficiency, as it means they become dependent on food relief.

Our work has positive ripples for every member of the community we serve. As part of the safe water project, we also provided the community with training needed to help their farms flourish. We trained the community in: how to grow drought-resistant crops; using crops sustainably; maintaining a seed bank; governance training when selling excess crops, and terracing to prevent water loss and soil erosion - providing the knowledge, tools and seeds to get them started.

What’s more, 1,279 trees were planted by the community members, meaning the project has the continued wider benefit of helping to mitigate climate change.

One of the farmers commented:

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