For children at Kilili Primary School, Kenya, life is joyful and exciting. Like children everywhere, they enjoy playing with their friends and learning at school.  However, life in this particularly arid area of Kenya doesn't come without its challenges. Water is scarce, and often contaminated. During the dry season, the children spend their evenings walking to the River Mulata to collect water, which is dirty and often causes sickness.

Just a Drop has since worked with Kilili Primary and the local community to provide life changing safe water for the 284 children and teachers at the school, through the construction of a rainwater harvesting tank. Completed in September 2017, there is now enough water at the school for drinking, cooking and washing. 

Life is changing for the children. They are already healthier and are getting a better education, now they're no longer missing school due to sickness. We recently visited the school, where the children are full of life, focused during lessons and playful between. The teachers work hard and there is a sense of striving to achieve the best they can. View the photoessay of our visit below.

Photography: Sophie Green


On the way to Kilili Primary

On the way to school


Mumbua and Wia head to school

The school day begins

Children in their classroom

Best friends

Helping to sweep up the classroom

A pupil at Kilili Primary

John, parent and Chair of the Kilili Primary School Committee, said: 
“This (water) will change everything. There will be less illness and our children will have a better education” 

Children with their water tank at Kilili Primary