More Action & Investment in Menstrual Health & Hygiene this Menstrual Hygiene Day!

Can you imagine missing school because you got your period? Neither can we... 

Unfortunately many girls are forced to miss out on an education because of myths and taboos surrounding menstruation. For example, in some of the communities in which we work in Nicaragua, parents often pull their daughters from school once they start menstruating for fear of pregnancy.
As part of our wider menstrual health and hygiene programme, Just a Drop is working with our local partners in Nicaragua to stop the perpetuation of these myths and keep girls in school!
We provided 20 teachers in 16 schools the training and tools they needed to introduce a Hygiene Education Programme in their schools, teachings 140 girls and boys, and 100 families about menstrual health and hygiene (MHH). This included providing teachers with informative booklets to be used in class and with the parents to help facilitate discussions in an effective and positive way, with accurate information. 

It is good that our parents get involved and learn about the things we talked and we are taught, so we can have more confidence, without penalty. With this they can help us to better understand what is happening to us 
Health corners were also constructed in class rooms, containing more booklets and items such as soap, toothbrushes, nail clippers, a washcloth, toilet paper, water, a comb, the steps for effective hand washing and sanitary pads. Both boys and girls now know that if they have any doubts about the menstrual hygiene they are free to read the booklets and the information that is of interest to them.

Girls standing by the health corner in class

This work is also sustainable over the long term, as the programme becomes part of the school curriculum, ensuring that accurate information regarding menstrual health and hygiene is continuously taught in the school, working to remove the myths and taboos with each new year of students. 
The impact of this work is clear:

Girls can stay in school and get the education they deserve, and there is greater equality between boys and girls.

Due to the great success of this programme, we are expanding it! Bringing MHH to 60 schools, reaching 2,111 children! So, in the spirit of this year's Menstrual Health Day, why not help bring more action and investment to menstrual health and hygiene by supporting 2,111 children to get access to MHH education by donating today.