Just a Drop strives to work to the highest possible standards. We are all disappointed at the news that the behaviour of some aid workers working for other organisations fell short of these standards, behaviour which we feel undermines the life changing work delivered by the sector.

Just a Drop has a strictly enforced series of policies and a culture which ensures that inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated. We expect all staff, volunteers and partners to conduct themselves in a manner which is beyond reproach, wherever they are in the world.

Our policies are continually reviewed to ensure they remain robust and we are continuing to work with our local implementing partners across the world to ensure their policies are equally robust.

Just a Drop has recently produced a report on the work we delivered in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. This report shows that even in the most difficult of conditions, we were sure that the donations provided to us were used in a proper and accountable way, that the solutions implemented were sustainable and of the highest quality, and that our staff and volunteers conducted themselves professionally throughout.