Fulrani lives in Patna Village, India, together with her husband, daughter, son, sister, brother-in-law and their two children. Fulrani's name means 'Queen'.

Fulrani and other women in her village used to walk approximately 6 hours a day to collect water from the nearest river. They would walk to the river four times in the morning and twice in the evening and would collect water in a bucket scoop by scoop, which they would carry on their heads all the way home. 

Just a Drop worked with Fulrani’s community in 2014 to bring water and sanitation to Patna Village via a pump tower and piping system, which distributes water to individual homes, together with 60 household latrines.

Just a Drop Founder Fiona Jeffery OBE recently caught up with Fulrani as to how access to safe water and sanitation has changed her life.

Fiona said: 'Fulrani is a real character and I am shown proudly around her homestead. Her water tap is across the yard from her home in a small garden area. With the water she has a small kitchen garden where she is growing chillies, tomatoes, aubergines and beans.'

Fulrani's garden

Fiona continued: 'At the back of the garden there is the toilet with a bathing area painted pink.  It’s very smart and clean and welcoming and sits nicely at the back of the garden, tucked away offering seclusion and privacy.'

Fulrani's latrine

Previously, Fulrani's family had no choice but to go to the toilet outside in the open. Fulrani really loves her latrine and her entire family use it. She said:

We now have privacy and no one is scared when taking a bath outside. We are much happier.

After carrying the weight of 30 litres on her head for hours each day for the last 35 years, Fulrani spoke of what a joy it is to have water at home:

It has made a HUGE difference to life, which before was spent walking 1.5 km, 4 times a day, to collect water in a bucket, cup by cup.