No two countries are the same, so why would the safe water solutions be?

At Just a Drop we work in six different countries across three continents, and every safe water solution reflects the uniqueness of the country. In Zambia, there is water but most of it is underground. To access it, we use boreholes. In Kenya, water is very scarce, so rainwater needs to be collected and preserved by building sand dams or rainwater harvesting tanks.  

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Cambodia, a country with lots of water, but little of it is safe to drink. Over 5 million people don’t have access to adequate sanitation in Cambodia. The knock-on effect of not having access to a toilet is that open water sources become contaminated as people are forced to use that, in the absence of adequate sanitation. In fact, 4.8 million people do not have access to safe water in Cambodia. To help communities get access to safe water, Just a Drop employs a simple, yet very effective technology that removes up to 99% of bacteria from water - called a biosand filter. Watch the film below to learn more.

Help us transform lives in Cambodia

£25 can provide a family in Cambodia with a biosand filter, that will yield safe water for at least 15 years! Click here to give the gift of safe water.

Before we used the biosand filter, we would get sick, diarrhoea, and go to hospital often. Now we do not have to go to the hospital often and we save money. - Villager in Siem Reap where Just a Drop worked