Earth Day on April 22 is a great opportunity to reset our goals and do more to fix our broken environment.  The health of our planet is non-negotiable if we want a secure future, free from pandemics and natural disasters. 

So what can we do to restore our planet?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the Earth’s environmental problems and guilty for the role humans have played in its destruction.  But after COVID-19 it cannot be ‘business as usual’.  Leaders will need to reframe their goals and expectations and everyone can play a part in the Earth’s destiny.

    Protect our COVID- free future with ethical and sustainable hygiene products 

Home and personal hygiene have become hot topics and are essential if we are to protect ourselves and our loved ones from future bacterial and viral illnesses.  Simple steps such as correct hand-washing and surface cleaning can make all the difference.  Wherever you are in the world these simple tasks can transform your health landscape.

However, to avoid compounding the mistakes of the recent past we must avoid toxic chemicals present in many conventional soaps and cleaning products.  Many of these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic and have poisoned our water systems and they are simply unnecessary!

Here in the UK, we are lucky enough to have access to a mesmerising array of eco-cleaning products.  But identifying the best options can be a daunting process.  It is always best to look out for well recognised third-party certifications such as The Soil Association, Cruelty Free International or The Vegan Society to help you decide.  This way you can be sure that there is no ‘green-washing’ and that you are supporting a company that truly matches your ideals.  Look out for organic certified products as these are the optimal choice.  You are guaranteed premium ingredients farmed in sustainable ways that respect the environment, our water systems and all living things.

Become a conscious consumer and put sustainability first

‘Buycotting’ unsustainable companies that put profit above people and the planet is gaining more traction in our society today and everyone can play their part.  Becoming a conscious consumer is a really worthwhile goal but it can take time and effort to research individual companies.  Organisations like Ethical Consumer are very helpful as they compare companies based on a series of ethical objectives.  You can pinpoint companies that match your priorities at a glance and switch your provider quickly and easily.  When it comes to restoring our Earth never underestimate the power in your purse!

But in other parts of the world, personal and home hygiene can be an uphill struggle.  If clean water supplies are available, then hygiene training can make all the difference in preventing water supplies from becoming contaminated.

Just a Drop is a UK based charity that focuses on providing water-based solutions to communities in need. Projects include handwashing & tippy tap construction, personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene management, environmental and domestic hygiene, understanding of the safe water chain from collection to consumption, soap making and disease awareness.

“We appreciated the training so much because it has helped us a lot. We use the soap for bathing, washing clothes, cleaning latrines, cleaning our houses, utensils and washing our hands after visiting the toilets”, Christine Musyoki.

Just a Drop works with communities in Cambodia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia offering hygiene training and empowerment to support healthy people and healthy homes.

"We used to suffer from various water borne diseases like dysentery and diarrhoea before the training. But now that is a thing of the past. We properly wash hands with the soap that we make, handle food and water hygienically, wash our clothes and bathe daily. Our lives have fully transformed for the better," Job Mulinge Nzioki.

These are really significant achievements and worth celebrating! Supporting Just a Drop on Earth Day will not cost the earth either – the charity has an impressive commitment to sustainability goals too.

Greenscents is the most ethical producer of laundry & household products in the UK and partners with Just a Drop for environmental justice and equality worldwide. 

Check out the Greenscents website for more information on their products and to download the free Greenscents practical guide to hygiene and the Coronavirus.