A message from our founder and chair, Fiona Jeffery:

The last few months have been extraordinarily difficult for everyone everywhere. Just a Drop is no exception to this and as a result we have risen and responded to the challenge.

Never before has our work been more critical in terms of health with hygiene practices and basic handwashing recognised across the world as essential to saving lives. It’s something Just a Drop has been practising for over 20 years, but to achieve you need the essential ingredients of water, soap and an understanding of why it’s so important.

As Covid-19 hit Just a Drop developed emergency response programmes for all of our destinations and you can read more specifics here.

But first and foremost I simply want to say a very sincere thank you to everyone associated with Just a Drop who has supported our work during this unprecedented time. Our partners in the field who overcome daily massive challenges to ensure vulnerable communities have access to water, sanitation, and essential hygiene education so we protect these communities and help save lives. To our loyal donors, from as far away as Hong Kong, trusts, corporates and individuals, who have supported our work by taking part in various challenges, run pilates classes, and helped fund and support our day to day activity & Covid-19 related response programmes. Without YOU, our work in health centres, schools and communities across the world would not be possible and unquestionably you have as a result of your efforts helped save lives. Credit also to the JAD team, our volunteer engineers, hydrogeologists and trustees who have stepped up their efforts to ensure we can continue these vital services for the long term in spite of the difficulties faced.

Our mission has always been clear, for everyone to have access to safe water, proper hygiene and given the opportunity to flourish. Its never been a more critical global mission, and so thank you for supporting us during these challenging times as by working and collaborating together collectively we make a difference and save lives.

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep handwashing.

Founder and Chair, Just a Drop