Kiss the Hippo Coffee is a speciality coffee brand founded upon a heartfelt belief in providing a better coffee experience. This is accomplished through a considered approach to coffee-making that places a strong appreciation for quality and mindfulness for sustainability at the forefront. Based in the neighbourhood of Richmond, London, Kiss the Hippo Coffee was established in 2018.

Kiss the Hippo Coffee is supporting Just a Drop through a percentage of sales of Kiss the Hippo enamel pins and two seasonal Kenyan coffees.

The funds raised will support Just a Drop to construct a rainwater harvesting tank at Mwambui Secondary School in Kenya, which will bring safe water to 228 students. As part of the project, three hand washing stations will be constructed, and students and teachers will receive sanitation and hygiene education.

With safe water, students at Mwambui Secondary School will be much happier, healthier and will receive a better education. They can look forward to brighter futures.