Kisole Primary School is located in a part of Kenya which is very dry. There are 280 children at the school, 150 girls and 130 boys, who are always bright and cheerful. It’s just like your school, but with one big difference: the children here don't have water.

Every day, the young children are asked to bring in water to school with them. The only place to get water is from a nearby river, which is dirty. Drinking the water here often makes the children sick.

With your support Just a Drop will change this. We will build a rainwater harvesting tank, provide hygiene education and build handwashing facilities. This will change the lives of the children, as they will have safe water all year round, to use for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

We  have  a  serious  water  crisis  here  in  school, because  there  is  not  enough  water for  all  of  us. We  are  only  provided  with  a very small amount each day for  washing  and  bathing,  it’s  not  easy  to  manage with  all  the  water  needs. - Rhona Mueni 

 Rhona Mueni, student at Kisole Primary School

Thank you for all of your help. By working together, Just a Drop and Co-op Academy Woodlands, Co-op Academy Oakwood, Co-op Academy Nightingale, Co-op Academy Brownhill and Co-op Academy Beckfield can achieve real change!