Household latrines and rainwater harvesting jars have provided vulnerable people in Buguluube village with improved sanitation and clean water at their homes

Thanks to Atlas Copco’s generous support of Buguluube village in Uganda, Just a Drop has installed ten household 3000 litre rainwater harvesting jars and ten household latrines for the most vulnerable members of the community, with a further four jars and four latrines currently under construction.

The rainwater harvesting jars provide a source of clean water at the homes of elderly and disabled villagers.  The latrines, tippy taps for handwashing, and community hygiene and sanitation training together enable the most vulnerable villagers to enjoy greatly improved sanitary conditions.

With clean water and sanitation at their homes, these vulnerable community members and their families no longer have to walk long distances to collect water from a dirty source, or endure unsanitary conditions and poor health. Today, they are healthier and happier.



Vulnerable and frail members of the Buguluube community enjoying access to clean safe water thanks to their newly constructed water jars and latrines