There are lots of fantastic fundraising ideas your school can use all year round to support Just a Drop. Why not get students, teachers and parents in on the act too on 22nd March and put on an event to celebrate World Water Day, or choose one of our other fundraising ideas for schools? Here’s our pick of the bunch:

- Just a Drop-themed Mufti day: pupils and staff pay a pound and come to school in head to toe blue!

- Cake sales: ask your top bakers to make their favourite sweet treat and hold a playground cake sale for pupils, staff, parents and the community.

- School disco: sell tickets, put on their dancing shoes, have fun and raise money for Just a Drop in the process!

- Sports day: combine fundraising with your school’s existing sports day. Ask friends and family to donate a small fee to watch, you could also sell refreshments to boost your fundraising total.

- Talent show: dance, sing and show your talents for Just a Drop. £5 per entry and sell tickets for the show to loved ones.

- Quiz fundraiser: get your thinking caps on and organise a quiz. Collect an entry fee from every player and see which team will be victorious!

Know what you’re doing? Then tell let us about your event so we can support you all the way!

How can my school get involved throughout the year?

Through supporting us with occasional events throughout term and learning about how our projects transform communities lives, why not make Just a Drop your school’s Charity of the Year for the next academic year?  With the commitment of a full year of your fundraising, we can raise even more money to keep children and families from becoming exposed to sometimes fatal water-borne diseases such as typhoid and dysentery as a result of drinking dirty water. In return, we can offer lots of help to bring Charity of the Year to life at your school.

Need more help?

The fundraising team are on hand to help make your fundraising a success - be sure to email the team if you have any questions! You can reach them on 020 8910 7981 or by emailing [email protected].