Ndaluni Secondary School is located in a very dry, rural area of Kenya. There are 175 students at the school, 86 girls and 75 boys. Life is similar to schools across the world, with one big difference: the students here don't have access to clean water.

Each day, the children are asked to bring water to school with them from the nearby river. This water is dirty and often makes them sick, meaning that they miss classes and lose out on getting a good education. Sometimes the school buys water, but this is very expensive.

With your support Just a Drop will change things...

We will build a rainwater harvesting tank, provide hygiene education and build handwashing facilities. This will change the lives of the students. They will have safe water all year round for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Thank you for all your support. Together with the rest of the Co-operative Academies, we can achieve real change!

I am required to come to school with water in a five litre jerry can. It is not easy as it's heavy and it makes me tired. The water is not safe for drinking and poses health risks. The water tank will make such a difference to all the students, thank you! - Martha Maithya