My passion to support Just a Drop goes back several years, since meeting Fiona Jeffery and learning of her dedication to encourage Travel and Tourism businesses to give back to the local communities in destinations they work with. Skal International as a worldwide organisation support sustainable development and as member of Skal International Club London, I am proud to be a small part of Back With a Splash!

Clean water is a first line of defence against poverty and action to support its provision lies as an essential part of UNDP SDGs - SDG6.
More importantly, SDGs are interconnected and action in one of the 17 areas will, inevitably, have impact on others.
Water is the ultimate Cradle of Life and the least we can do is help make a difference with Just a Drop.

Since my furballs Annie & Grace have played an essential role in my battle with depression and chronic pain, it feels only right to find a way of involving them here too so, I chose dog walking along waterways in the Southampton area as the perfect way to raise funds for this amazing charity.

Sneshka Richter