844 million people globally don't have access to safe water. In developing countries, it takes an average of 6 km to reach water, which is 8,000 steps...

Bring clean water a step closer this World Water Day!

Track your own Steps to Water across a week and donate 1p per step. Or:

  • Take part in our virtual walk for water here
  • Hold your own fundraising event - wear blue, hold a bake sale, wash cars, take on one of our Challenge Events, only drink water the week of World Water Day, or hold a coffee morning or dinner party!
  • Make a donation 
  •  Don't forget to tell us about it on social! #stepstowater

Take on the Steps to Water challenge!

In developing countries, it takes an average of 6 km to reach water, which is 8,000 steps... During the week of World Water Day why not track your own Steps to Water to see how they compare. Donate 1p per step to Just a Drop and support us to bring safe water to communities - transforming lives.

Step 1

Count your Steps to Water each time you get a drink throughout the day. Mark this on your Steps to Water personal tally sheet, which you can download here. Or count your steps together with your colleagues or friends and mark them on the team tally sheet here.

Step 2

Add up your daily steps from Monday to Friday (World Water Day!) to get your weekly total. If you like, mark this on the Steps to Water coaster

Step 3

People in developing countries walk 8,000 steps a day to water, which over five days is 40,000 steps. Take away your own Steps to Water from 40,000. How do they compare?

Step 4

Donate 1p per step Just a Drop to support communities with access to safe water - and transform lives!


Clean water empowers whole communities

Clean safe water and sanitation changes everything... the whole community has better health. Children no longer die from preventable diseases caused by dirty water and a lack of sanitation. Women and children no longer have to make long and dangerous journeys to the nearest source.

With a stable source of water in the community, food security is increased, as families can grow crops and sell the excess. They can begin to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.

Water is the beginning of the journey out of poverty, which leads to better health, increased prospects and brighter futures.

Download the campaign poster here and digital leaflets here