Newmarket Holidays is extremely excited to have partnered with Just a Drop to have a real, tangible, and sustainable impact through the construction of a latrine block at a local school in Nicaragua, South America.

Los Calpules in a school in an extremely remote and poor area of Nicaragua.

The school currently has one latrine but it is over 20 years old and dilapidated, meaning that the children are often forced to defecate outside rather than use the toilets. This creates a serious hygiene and sanitation problem and means that there are high levels of diarrhoea and the students are forced to miss out on school due to illness.

To add to this, the residents of the Los Calpules community are primarily subsistence farmers, growing corn and beans. The average household income is $70 a month, so when the children fall ill and their families have to pay expensive doctors bills, it can take a huge toll on the family.

In fact, across Nicaragua:

Thanks to Newmarket Holidays - this is all going to change! The brilliant fundraising from Newmarket Holidays' passionate staff will mean that Just a Drop will: 

  • Build two double pit latrines for students,
  • Build one single pit latrine for teachers
  • Build a handwashing station
  • Teach the students and teachers at the school about WASH
  • Work with the school to run Menstrual Hygiene Classes that will support the girls in the school

This will mean that: 

  • Children at the school 80 will have access to safe latrines
  • Girls in particular will benefit, as they will be able to access adequate toilet facilities when on their periods
  • Open defecation rates drop
  • Children are healthier and pricey visits to doctor's decrease
  • Families have more disposable income as they are no longer spending money on expensive doctor's bills
  • The school will be trained in WASH skills to improve hygiene and to prevent the spread of coronavirus

So please help us to reach our target and truly transform lives across Nicaragua! 

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Find out more about Newmarket Holiday's partnership with Just a Drop here: