As you know it is International Women’s Day on the Tuesday 8th March 2022 and here at Atlas Copco we enjoy celebrating the successes women have made across all aspects of society. However, we also recognise that it’s not all rosy, especially in harder to reach corners of the world.

In support of this Water for All UK & Ireland, in partnership with Just a Drop, have committed towards supporting a new project for 2022. This project will focus on supporting Women’s Menstrual Hygiene based in Nicaragua. The project costs £22,000 so we’d love some help reaching the target so if you could spare any pennies, it would really help.

About the Project:

Nicaragua is the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the communities supported within this project have an average income of just $43 a month.

Information on menstrual hygiene is virtually non-existent in Nicaragua. The subject is often considered taboo and there has been a consideration the subject is inappropriate to teach and discuss. ​​This creates a position where girls miss out on their education, they don’t attend school during their periods and drop out rates amongst girls are very high. ​

It means that the gender equality gap is widened, and leaves girls in menial jobs with little opportunity.

With your support Just a Drop will work with 60 schools to train 120 teachers in menstrual hygiene management.

The teachers will take part in a series of workshops that will provide comprehensive teaching materials for teachers, covering all aspects on menstruation, for girls and boys. They will help the teachers to learn how to introduce the topic into their schools.

We'll also work with the schools to produce a Menstrual Hygiene brochure as a handy guide on the topic, and we'll build Hygiene Corners in each school classroom, strengthening personal hygiene practices in children and breaking down taboos around the subject.​​

Thanks to your support: 

  • Girls will stay in school for longer, getting a better education​
  • Greater respect and equality between girls and boys during puberty​ and menstrual hygiene will be embedded into the curriculum, ensuring sustainable messages​
  • Taboos and myths will be broken down​
  • The quality of life of the children will improve, both in school and in their homes​

So please help us to reach our target and make sure that more women and girls can access an education this International Women's Day!

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