It's World Toilet Day - a very important day to take a step back, and reflect on the importance and value of toilets. So naturally, we asked Tom Whelan, founder and owner of Naked Sprout, to tell us why toilets are so important.

World Toilet Day with Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout sell Britain’s Most Sustainable Toilet Roll– free from bleach, chemicals and plastic. So, as funny as it is, I spend most of my time either surrounded by or thinking about… toilet roll and so naturally, with toilet roll on the mind comes toilets.

It’s World Toilet Day on Friday 19th of November. World Toilet Day is to help raise awareness and to promote action against this global crisis: Over 50% of the world’s population, that's 4.2 billion people, must live without this basic sanitation aid.

Toilets promote health

COP26 has just been and gone. Plans are in place to halt and reduce global warming. Temperatures rising means more extreme weather and with more fires and floods comes more deaths – especially in developing countries that are not equipped to deal with mother nature.

Floodwater contaminates wells used for drinking water, spreading human waste into communities and food crops which cause deadly and chronic disease such as cholera and typhoid. Everyone should have access to sustainable sanitation, alongside clean drinking water and handwashing facilities.

Everyone should have access to sustainable sanitation, alongside clean drinking water and handwashing facilities.

Toilets prevent global warming

As well as saving lives, toilets help prevent global warming too. Wastewater contains valuable nutrients and energy. An efficient human waste system makes productive use of this waste to boost agriculture and to safely capture emissions for greener energy.

So, what makes a sustainable and safe sanitation system? A toilet that effectively captures human waste in an accessible and dignified setting. Human waste that’s stored in a tank and emptied later by a specialist collection service or taken away by a network of pipes. Treated and disposed of correctly. Safe reuse of this matter saves water, reduces and captures greenhouse gases which can be used for green energy and can provide agriculture with a reliable source of rich nutrients.

Naked Sprout are super proud to be supporting Just a Drop who lead the way in bringing safe, sustainable sanitation to communities around the world. Every Naked Sprout box sold can support a child in Africa with clean water at school and teaches them the importance of hygiene.

Our mission is to use our business to help protect the planet and to inspire change.

Author: Tom Whelan, founder and owner of Naked Sprout