Just a Drop has launched the #WalktotheWell campaign, where we challenge social media users to take on the daily struggles of somebody without access to water. That somebody is Ann, a Kenyan woman who every day has to walk 9km, for four hours, just to be able to provide water for her children.

The campaign asks social media users to scroll this journey on Twitter. With over 2000 tweets, each representing just over four metres of Ann’s daily journey, it’s the longest Twitter thread ever made and really puts into perspective the length of Ann’s journey and the journey that millions of women and girls are forced to make each day just to collect water. With your help and participation, we can help to make sure that less women like Ann have to endure circumstances like these.

To take part, simply click this link to the thread: https://twitter.com/Just_a_Drop/status/1635366676932751392 and scroll as far as you can through Ann’s journey; scrolling alongside her as she navigates some of the obstacles and hardships that she faces each and every day. Once you’ve reached your scrolling limit, like the tweet you finish on, and you will be told how much of the walk you have managed and how far Ann still has to go. 

So we urge all of our supporters to take on the challenge and we hope to see you on the #WalktotheWell!