Thank you so much for attending World Travel Market this year! We hope that the exhibition went well for you! 

Just a Drop is the official charity of World Travel Market, and with the exhibition's support we have reached 1.9 million people globally with safe water and sanitation since we were launched at World Travel Market in 1998 by Fiona Jeffrey OBE, former WTM Chairman.

When you signed up to WTM this year, you ticked a box saying that you'd be interested in donating £20 to Just a Drop and now is your opportunity!

We are so grateful for your support, it makes a real difference to communities across the world. In fact, safe water and sanitation changes everything!

It improves health, education, women’s rights, leads to secure food sources, economic growth and brighter futures. It completely transforms lives, especially those of women and children.

We still have more work to do, and your support means more to us than ever before! Scroll down to see where your donation will support!

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What will your donation fund?

This year, your support will be going to Tatrav Safe Water Project in Cambodia supporting 546 people. 

At present, the 546 community members live off subsistence farming (cassava and rice), and they receive little income from this. The community collects water from nearby sources that are dirty meaning that the community members often fall sick from waterborne diseases. They often spend the little income they have on doctor's bills - keeping them in a cycle of poverty.

In addition to this, the sanitation situation in the community is really poor. There are a limited number of latrines and because of this, the community are usually forced to openly defecate. Not only does this create an unpleasant environment but it also has serious health and hygiene implications on the community members - they often fall ill with hygiene related diseases.

But with your support, this will change. Just a Drop will work with the community to:

  • Deliver 54 Biosand Filters to the community which will give the community members access to clean water for years to come
  • Build 70 latrines to address the issues surrounding open defecation
  • Run a programme of WASH in the community

The Project will greatly improve the situation at the school and will mean that:

  • Children can attend school more often​ - they don't have to drop out due to illness
  • Living conditions improve - the whole village is more hygienic and cleaner​
  • The community develop economic opportunities and less people leave villages to find work
  • Reducing the spread of COVID-19 in community through the wide availability of clean water for handwashing
  • Women and girls in particular benefit from improved hygiene
  • 546 people will be healthier - they no longer have to drink dirty water

To find out more about Just a Drop and how you and your business can get involved, please email [email protected]

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