With support from the TUI Care Foundation, Just a Drop has been able to provide much needed, vital education about COVID-19 and how communities in Kenya can protect themselves from the virus. We worked in an area situated between two of Kenya's top tourist destinations, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park, where the people in Makueni County have felt the repercussions of the pandemic, where plenty of people rely on tourism for their livelihoods. 

We've delivered vital, practical COVID-19 information to groups, while adhering to local safety guidelines. Our posters, delivered at training sessions and across Mtito Andei, the main town in the area, illustrate the symptoms of coronavirus, how the virus spreads and crucially, how to prevent spreading the virus. We reached over 3,000 homes, providing information to as many people as we could.


We all know that hand washing with soap and water is the first line of defence against the virus, so we provided hand washing equipment and ran classes on how to make your own soap. These relatively simple items were urgently needed and of great benefit - now people have the knowledge and skills to practice positive hygiene, mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

Images from left to right: Training, information posters, handwashing equipment, soap-making training.

Just a Drop is grateful to have been able to partner with TUI Care Foundation and work together to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Kenya. The pandemic has ignited awe inspiring teamwork across the globe for the common goal of helping each other stay safe and healthy - and the successful partnership of the TUI Care Foundation and Just a Drop is an example of this!

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