Last Drop Distillers aim to find and bottle the world’s finest, rarest and most exclusive spirits, to find something truly wonderful to offer. They partnered Just a Drop on a very special first project: the construction of a borehole in Nsunka, Zambia, a natural choice, as founder James Espey was born in Zambia. The community in Nsunka now have access to clean and safe water, thanks to their support.

Last Drop Distillers have now supported 3 projects in Zambia, providing clean safe water to over 700 people. 

Luckson is 38 years old and married with three children. Before the Last Drop Distillers project, he struggled to sustain his farming as the water source was the Luankuni stream, about 4.5 km from his home – which was contaminated with rubbish and shared with animals. Luckson is grateful that a borehole was sunk near his farm as he will be able to farm more easily and his wife and family have clean and safe water for the first time