Hayes & Jarvis send thousands of people on holidays all across the world and as part of our commitment to responsible tourism, feel it’s really important to give something back to the destinations that host our customers. With Just a Drop, Hayes & Jarvis have now enabled thousands of people across the world to access safe water and enjoy better hygiene. In 2015, we were thrilled to host Hayes & Jarvis staff at Miangeni School in Kenya, where we had constructed a rain water harvesting tank - since then, the school has gone from strength to strength, with a higher rate of attendance and less ill health. The school has built a new dormitory and science lab, real evidence of what people can achieve with access to water and good hygiene.

Hayes & Jarvis have also supported a project in Sangke Thom, Cambodia, to improve access to safe water and sanitation, and improve hygiene practices through WASH training.

Previously, the community struggled to treat water they collected from various sources, especially in the dry season when the water sources were more contaminated. Some families would treat the water by boiling or using ceramic filters, however many did not have access to a working filter so drank the contaminated water without treatment. Only 8 families had latrines in Sangke Thom before this project began, which is clearly not enough.

The main aim for this project was the reduction of water related diseases by improving access to safe drinking water and stopping the practice of open defecation.