There are lots of ways that you can get involved and fundraise for Just a Drop. From cake sales and collections through to BBQs and barn dances. In case you need some inspiration, here are the Fundraising Team's top ideas. 

Unleash your inner sportsperson 
Why not return to your youth and organise a sports day with friends and family? Or how about a 5 a side football tournament or golf day? Just ask everyone to pay a fee to participate and then you're set.
You could raise: £50 - £250 

Special occasion celebration
You might like to ask loved ones or colleagues to give a donation, rather than presents for a wedding, birthday or other celebration events 
You could raise: £200 - £2000 

Walk for water

Put on or take part in a sponsored walk or a Just a Drop sponsored Jerry Can Challenge. It can be as long or short as you like, with lots or just a few people. 

You could raise: £300 - £600

Organise an International Women's Day event

On 8th March put on an event to celebrate International Women's Day and you can help empower women and girls across the world.

You could raise: £50 - £1000 

Organise a World Water Day event

On 22nd March put on an event to celebrate World Water Day and help some of the world's poorest people gain access to clean, safe water and sanitation to transform lives.

You could raise: £50 - £1000 

Clothes swap

Get your friends and family together, bring along those clothes you've been meaning to get rid of and gain a whole new wardrobe for the price of a small donation.

You could raise: £100 - £200 

Just a Drop-a-thon

Fancy creating your own bespoke event? Set yourself a personal challenge over 24 hours, or for as long as you can hold out. What about a rowathon, cycleathon, dogwalkathon, skateathon, swimathon, buskathon, or a yogathon? The choices are endless!

You could raise: £50 - £300

Take advantage of some fresh air

Soak up the sun by organising a barbeque, summer party or an open gardens event. You could even set up an ice cream stall for those really hot days!

You could raise: £50 - £300 

Get crafty

Get your knitting on and get crafty with friends and family with the aim to help transform lives through providing clean and safe water for communities. You can chose to sell your creations or get people to donate in exchange for teaching them a new skill.

You could raise: £30 - £100 

Great British Cake Bake

Get together to bake some cakes or biscuits and sell them for Just a Drop, there is nothing like adding a bit of competition to the classic office cake sale

You could raise: £50 - £200 

Board game night

Time to get competitive! Dust off those board games for a fun afternoon or evening with friends. Charge an entry fee for a tournament or ask for donations.

You could raise: £50 - £100 

Just a Drop Challenge Events

Just a Drop offers lots of different running, cycling and walking events to get involved in! Why not take a look at our Challenge Event page, and by asking others to sponsor you, you can raise money to support Just a Drop's work across the globe.

You could raise: £150 - £2000 

Get quizzical

Put on your thinking cap and organise a quiz. You can do this at the local pub, at work with colleagues or at home in your lounge. It's cheap to organise, and fun to do!

You could raise: £50 - £500 

Personal challenge

A personal challenge could be making a pledge or giving up chocolate, alcohol or your favourite treat. You could even shave your head or dye your hair blue - find something to suit you. 

You could raise: £100 - £600

Next steps

If you would like to receive a fundraising pack please tell us about your event.

The fundraising team are on hand to help make your fundraising a success - be sure to email the team if you have any questions! You can reach them on 020 8910 7981 or by emailing [email protected].