Just a Drop has been supported by Corinthia Hotels for several years as its official charity. Corinthia is a collection of luxury worldwide hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta in 1962.  

Corinthia's kind support has enabled Just a Drop to bring clean water, hygiene and sanitation to children at St Mark Kakelenge Primary School and Gombe Primary School in Uganda; to communities living in the Kiyunga, Namwaba, Nkoloko, Malaya, and Luini Kabalu villages across Zambia; and to the Kingazi and St Mary's villagers in Tanzania. 

Thanks to Corinthia's generous support, over 40,000 children and families across Just a Drop projects in Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania now have access to life-changing clean water.

The results have positively touched the lives and futures of so many. We are pleased to continue our work with the Just a Drop team, which has become a benchmark for the travel industry in caring for the very communities around the world that host our guests

- Alfred Pisani, Founder and Chairman of Corinthia Hotels

(Above) School Health Club Committee leaders, St Mark Kakelenge Primary school, Uganda

St Mark Kakelenge Primary School, Uganda

Corinthia's most recently completed project with Just a Drop was at St Mark Kakelenge Primary School in Uganda. The lives of 396 children at the school have been transformed through the provision of a large rainwater harvesting tank, gender-sensitive pit latrines and hygiene and sanitation training. 

Children are now healthier, happier and spend more time in school, as they are no longer missing lessons through illness, or having to fetch water. Instead these children will receive a better education, and can look forward to brighter futures. 

The provision of safe water and sanitation at St Mark Kakelenge Primary is already having a profound and tangible impact on these children’s lives, and will continue to transform the lives of the many hundreds of children who will attend the school in future years.

Read the full report here



Above, (top left - bottom right): St Mark Kakelenge School Health Club members during their training; pupils participating in the clearing of the site after the construction of the 16 stance pit latrines; the completed latrines; happy pupils excited to use the newly established handwashing station; the school's 30,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank.

Buwambo Primary School, Uganda

Corinthia Hotels are generously supporting Just a Drop to deliver a safe water and hygiene project at Buwambo School, Uganda, which will benefit the 719 children who attend the school. The project will see the construction of a 30,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank and latrines, which will provide the children with year-round access to safe water and sanitation facilities.  Combined with the hygiene education, this will have a massive long-term impact of health.

Read the interim report here