Through their Water for All Programme, Atlas Copco has helped raise a significant amount through the generous legacy donation from the late Peter Wallenberg, and through their employee payroll giving scheme.

As a result of their generosity, in 2015 work began in Buguluube Village in Ssanga Parish on a three year programme. The programme constructed a total of 12 shallow wells and hand pumps, 21 household water harvesting jars, 21 household latrines, promotion of better hygiene and sanitation practices throughout the village and carry out a WASH and menstrual hygiene programme in two schools. Elly Memorial School and Kungu Primary School were also supported with a large rainwater harvesting tank and a gender-sensitive latrine block with washrooms at each of them. Income generating loans were also provided for small groups of women to help enable them to start their own businesses, helping them to lift their families out of abject poverty.  

This programme was completed at the end of 2018 and has significantly transformed the lives of everyone in the community.

Read the final programme report here 

Oh one cannot imagine the situation we were in before, imagine searching for water in the hills and valleys. The unsafe water was used for drinking, cooking food and all other household work, like washing your clothes. We used to spend a lot of money buying medicines to treat diseases like diarrhoea and dysentery, but with the help of Atlas Copco and The Waterloo Foundation, Just a Drop has saved Buguluube Village from this terrible situation. We are  saving money that was being used to buy medicine, to buy school materials and pay school fees for our children

Currently, Atlas Copco are supporting the construction of a rock catchment in Kenya. This project will improve access and availability of potable water during the driest months of the year and especially the period between August to October to the inhabitants of Munyuni village and the entire Kyome Sub- location. The promotion of improved hygiene and sanitation by training the members of Nziu Munyu Self Help Group, on soap making and inscribing hygiene promotion messages on the completed tank walls. The empowerment of the community members is key through decision making and financial management through governance, group dynamics and financial management training.