We would like to congratulate one of our bravest supporters, David Paul, on completing the Solitaire du Figaro sailing race. Between 27th August and 13th September, David and his vessel travelled from Caen in northern France, to Kinsale in Ireland, up around the Isle of Man before heading down to Baie de Morlaix in north-western France, before looping down to just off the Spanish north coast, and then finally finishing early on Thursday morning in Piriac-sur-Mer, on France’s Atlantic Coast. David chooses to do his incredible sailing races for Just a Drop out of the kindness of his heart and we are most grateful for his tireless work over the last few years. To contextualise the scale of the challenge David took on, he spent twelve days and fifteen hours at sea, passing through the waters of four countries!


In other exciting news, Just a Drop is pleased to announce a partnership with David’s other partner, Sailing Point UK. Sailing Point is a UK based sailing equipment store specialising in providing top sailing brands to the UK and European markets. Sailing Point is also a leading retailer of Sail Racing clothing and equipment, a Swedish sailing brand who do things a little differently. Sail Racing use E.Dye® technology to make their garments, which is a waterless colouring technique that uses 75% less water than traditional dying methods. The technique ensures the same levels of colour precision while reducing water consumption, pollution, and harmful chemicals. We feel that the synergies between our organisations in terms of our commitments to sustainability are such that our partnership will be a very productive one. Sailing Point are kindly donating £1 to Just a Drop for every sale they make, so head over to their website to have a look at their deals!


Rounding off with another huge congratulation to David himself, should you wish to check David’s website out or contact him, the link to do so is here. Keep an eye on our channels to read our upcoming interview with David about his voyage.

Ⓒ Photo Credit: Alexis Courcoux