Just a Drop are delighted to partner with Y.O.U underwear to bring Menstrual Hygiene Education to schools in Wakiso District in Uganda! 

Y.O.U underwear makes soft, stylish, organic cotton underwear for men, women and girls that lets you look good, feel good and do good. All Y.O.U underwear is Fairtrade, PETA-approved vegan and made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We work with India's leading ethical and sustainable manufacturer, which operates under SA8000 social standards. We believe in ethical marketing and the importance of promoting body positivity, so we’ve hidden inspirational messages inside our underwear, use people of all shapes and sizes as models and never airbrush our images.

The company was started by Sarah Jordan who switched careers in 2016 after witnessing first-hand the problems associated with not having underwear during a trip to Uganda. In some communities it is estimated that 1 in 10 girls miss school on their periods due to a lack of underwear and sanitary products. Without proper period protection, they’re left with no choice but to miss school – up to 12 weeks a year! Instead of getting her knickers in a twist about it, Sarah founded Y.O.U Underwear on a buy-one-give-two model with the charity Smalls for All.

The organisation has now expanded the work to include a donation to Just a Drop with every menstrual cup sold here on their website - a move that will change the lives of hundreds of girls in Uganda and enable them to remain in school!