The Monarch Foundation has been partnered with Just a Drop since 2015, and is currently supporting seven Just a Drop projects worldwide. 

The Foundation generously raises money through on-board collections, employee fundraising and through their website via Pennies, the digital charity box, which encourages Monarch customers to donate 50p when booking flights and holidays online.

It's important for Just a Drop that our partners are able to see the impact of their generous fundraising for themselves, and so we were delighted to host five Monarch employees on a trip to Kenya in March 2017. Their visit included meeting the community at Kyambezi Sand Dam and the children at Matha Primary School, both supported by the Monarch Foundation. 

In the words of one of our guests, Emma Blastland,

This is what motivated us to do all that running last summer. We just couldn’t wait to get there but none of us were prepared for the scene as we arrived, a vibrant sea of faces all dressed in yellow and maroon, the older children running after our jeeps as though we were celebrities, the younger children stood on a wall not wanting to miss out on the action whilst the teachers trying to keep some control of the situation.

We visited as many classrooms as possible, the older children in a maths lesson desperate to show us that they all knew how to convert centimetres to metres, over 30 faces desperate to be the one chosen to write on the blackboard.

The water tank has of course changed the lives of these children, they no longer need to get up early to collect the water before school and they don’t have to think about carrying 5 litres to school as there is enough water for them all on site. The Head Teacher told us that there has been reduced sickness at the school because all the pupils have access to the clean water, the school has been transformed.